Your M-level system comes with total peace of mind in the from of our 2 year “Fit and Forget” warranty*.
This can be upgraded, at no cost, to 3 years simply by completing the form below:

Warranty Upgrade

*Warranty Terms and conditions.

  • The warranty is offered on a “Fit and Forget” basis ensuring complete confidence and trust in The System. Should any fault or failure occur, that cannot be rectified by a telephone or email consultation, then an M-level technician will arrange to visit anywhere in the UK to either repair, or replace, faulty components as required.

  • Should a site visit be deemed impractical, geographically or due to time restraints, then it may be necessary to visit a local M-level agent to receive more prompt rectification.
  • Any incorrect use or installation of The System including, but not limited to, those described in chapter 1.5 of the user manual will result in any manufacturer warranty becoming null and void along with the cancellation of any manufacture liabilities. Equally, unauthorised additions or non-authorised part replacements will result in the same.

  • To be eligible for the extra free years warranty upgrade you must complete this form within 28 days of the works being completed on your motorhome.