About Us

We are a small team based in Staffordshire with over 80 years combined experience in the UK Motorhome and Caravan industry. Much of that experience involves distributing premium quality accessories to enhance and improve your travel adventures. The vast majority of those products came from Europe or further afield. Since Covid and Brexit (in fact for some years before that) we were of the opinion that the way to provide quality, reliability and availability of product was to produce in the UK. To that end we began the design and testing of the M-level Hydraulic Motorhome Levelling and Stability system. During that process our prime focus has always been to provide a truly UK, quality product that, not only competes with or outperforms its rivals, but also that we could proudly announce, supports British industry.

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The M-level System

The M-level motorhome levelling system offers much more than a level motorhome:
  • No more swaying motion in windy conditions or rocking motorhome if your partner has a disturbed night.
  • Once the M-Level is deployed the jacks will not retract until you want them to. Whether that’s when you select “Retract Jacks” on the handset, or if you’ve selected “Auto Retract” in the menu – so the jacks retract on ignition. Equally, with the jacks down, when you leave your motorhome to visit your favourite restaurant, take a stroll or see the sights – take the wireless handset with you! Your pride and joy is going nowhere! If you prefer to leave the handset in place then set it to require your own personal PIN code before it can be operated. If that’s too many buttons to push each time – simply switch that option off!
  • No more searching through the lockers for your ramps and chocks. Pull up and select Automatic Levelling. Changing a wheel can be a mammoth task. With M-Level simply manually raise the front, back, left or right of your motorhome to get easy access to any wheel. Getting that last drop of water out of the tanks can also prove a challenge. Like pouring your favourite bottle of wine – simply tilt the van to one side to let the tanks drain. Don’t let your tyres develop flat spots during long periods of storage. In “Manual Adjustment” easily lift all four (or six!) wheels off the ground for as long as you wish.
The M-level is not a concoction of different industrial systems combined together to lift your motorhome. It’s a carefully designed and considered kit with highly technical, yet simple to operate controls and hydraulics built in the heart of England by a company with a pedigree dating back to the 1960’s.

Each system goes through individual rigorous testing before being signed off and packed.

Working closely with such component suppliers gives us the confidence to offer our unrivalled Fit and Forget warranty.

Finally, choosing to fit M-level is not just an opportunity to support British Industry but, the fact that all components are UK sourced means that, in the unlikely event of a component failure, spares are readily and easily available. No waiting for three months without hydraulics, just for a little replacement widget.