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The system will level automatically from as much as slope. If the vehicle is at a more acute angle then the system will time out and suggest using “Manual Adjustment”. The condition of the ground surface should be carefully considered before compensating for any greater angles. It may well be safer and easier to move to a more suitable position.

This is dependent on the starting position of the vehicle, but an average is 60 – 90 seconds. Our test have shown that the speed at which the M-level jacks deploy gives the most accurate level on completion.

Yes. It’s very simple using the wireless touchscreen handset and selecting “Manual Adjustment”. From here it’s possible to accurately lift the front, back, left, or right side of the vehicle to your required position. This is also very useful for emptying tanks, changing a tyre etc.
The system will operate at as 11.6 volts, but at least 12 volts is preferable. It takes its power form the engine battery and will display “Charge Engine Battery” if the voltage drops below this, in order that the engine can still be started
We have a network of fully trained installation agents around the UK. These are all listed on the “Find an Agent” map on the website.  Click Here

An average is 10 hours, but this is very much dependant on the vehicle, where the system is mounted and where the handset is located. Normally the agent will need the vehicle for a day, sometimes 2 days to ensure the system is fitted to the high standards we expect.

Ultimately the price is determined by the installation agent. However the suggested retail price is £5,749.00 including installation and VAT

If you’ve looked anywhere on our website, you’ll know the answer to this question. However, we’re immensely proud of the fact that the M-level was designed in the UK, is built in the UK, and uses all UK sourced components. So, we’re happy to state it again here!
The M-level is unique in as such that you have options that offer more vehicle security. You can set the system to require a personal PIN code before the handset will operate. You also have an option to set the system so that the jacks do not retract even when the ignition is switched on (an alarm and warning LED do operate at this point). So, if you leave the vehicle (with the system deployed) and take the handset with you, it’s then extremely difficult for anyone to move the vehicle.

Even without the handset it’s possible to retract the jacks. For security reasons we only publish how to do this in the user manual.

The pump assembly has a manual pump handle that can be operated to retract (or deploy) the jacks without electrical power.

This would be determined by the installation agent’s diary. From our perspective we always hold stock and can despatch to agents, usually, the next day.

The M-level is supplied with a 2 year warranty. This can be upgrade to 3 years by simply registering the system once it’s fitted. Click Here
As with all similar systems, they’re marketed as maintenance free. However, it’s always good practice with any equipment that has moving parts to have them checked and serviced periodically. It’s also sensible to change the fluids. Depending on usage, every 3-5 years would be advisable in our opinion. An M-level installation agent should always be used.

Yes you can. Many of our competitors suggest this is possible, with no maintenance or consideration, for long periods. Working with a hydraulics supplier with more than two generations of experience, we know that there are actually factors it’s important to consider. 

If lifting to winterise the vehicle then it’s good policy to manually lift until the tyres are just touching the ground but taking no weight. Ideally, operate the system once every few weeks to keep it lubricated and finally, spray the exposed rods with a dry PTFE lubricant (not silicone).

This is very much dependent upon the height of the vehicle to begin with, positioning of the hydraulics brackets, the weight of the vehicle and other factors. The ideal ground clearance is 15-17cm.

The M-level system is marketed as being capable of lifting 10 tons. It’s actually tested to over 12 tons.

We will continue to shout about the UK sourced components! But that means that, in the unfortunate situation of needing a replacement part, if we don’t have it in stock as the manufacturer then we can get one, sometimes within hours if necessary.

There’s certainly no waiting for a widget from Europe, or further afield, that they can’t supply for months. Believe us, we’ve experienced it many times in the past!

This depends on the vehicle type and the brackets required. The average weight of an M-level full kit is approximately 55Kg. Bear in mind that it’s possible to remove any existing corner steadies, and there’s no longer any need to carry a jack or levelling blocks etc.
Remember, it’s not just to level your motorhome. The vehicle becomes a solid object with no rocking if your partner has a disturbed night or those winds are blowing outside. As already mentioned, it’s designed to offer extra security. It’s built to the highest quality with each component fully tested at every stage of production. And finally, (here we go again) it’s BRITISH! So, in selecting the M-level you’re supporting British industry, British jobs and you’re buying a quality built product that hasn’t been shipped halfway around the world before reaching the UK.